Forum Advocacy

The advocacy initiative for the NFBC focuses on two audiences: State level stakeholders, and stakeholders at the national level. At the State level, the Forum wants to educate more stakeholder groups about the advantages of the NBCP process for protection of vulnerable populations including the elderly and disabled. This is because States often encounter objections from State executives, legislators, or provider associations when attempting to submit or enact legislation authorizing various aspects of NBCP-compliant background checks. Often these objections are based on faulty assumptions or other constraints that can be countered by the data and experience of successful states.

At the national level, Forum member States have identified opportunities to reduce unnecessary barriers that limit the efficiency and effectiveness of background checks to protect vulnerable populations. These opportunities often require coordination or policy changes above the individual State level. Because NBCP is a state-by-state voluntary program, States have had no common voice to approach critical national stakeholders such as CMS, the FBI, Compact Council, or LTC advocacy or industry associations to request their cooperation in these areas. Through the advocacy initiative, the Forum seeks to provide a voice.

One advocacy initiative is a letter suggesting a partnership between the Forum and the Department of Health & Human Services, Administration for Children and Families (ACF) as ACF works to develop a National Interstate Background Check Clearinghouse.

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