AHFSA Surveyor Registry 

The AHFSA Surveyor Registry has been created to serve retired surveyors who are interested in surveying post retirement. The registry is the vision of MaryJo Roué ,AHFSA President 2020-2021.This initiative was birthed out of Mrs. Roué belief that we, the collective body of AHFSA, must address the viability of the workforce through recruitment and retention of our surveyors. 

It is the mission of Mrs. Roué and AHFSA,  to collectively continue to make our voices heard, by identifying areas for improvement in the quality of healthcare in our nation and developing solutions through partnership with other healthcare and business entities, across the spectrum, to facilitate practicable, valuable and systemic impact to quality to our nation’s healthcare system.

This is just one of many new initiatives AHFSA has created to serve the needs of our surveyors. As we continue to move forward in our mission, AHFSA seeks to serve the surveyor and certification community to address the needs and pursue our mission. 

      MaryJo Roué
AHFSA President 2020-2021


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It is the responsibility of the registry registrant to ensure they are licensed in the state they wish to work. It is the responsibility of the  registry registrant to ensure they are up  to date on federal and state licenses. It is the responsibility of the registrant to understand that you may be asked by your state to seek additional training. 

Unsubscribe from Registry

You may at any time unsubscribe from this registry. To do so, click the unsubscribe link provided here. Note in the correspondence that you wish to be removed from the registry. If you decide you would like to subscribe to the registry, you may do so at any time. 


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